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  • What is Rufus?

    The name of the software stands for Reliable USB Formatting Utility and it is a compact and portable utility that has been designed especially for formatting and creating bootable USB flash drives. The software can also be used to create USB installation media from various bootable ISO images.

  • How Do I Use Rufus?

    The software has been designed to be very easy to use and the first step is selecting the USB drive that needs to be formatted followed by the partition scheme and then the file system. Users are also presented with a number of additional options that they can utilise if they wish.

  • What Software Does Rufus Support?

    The software runs smoothly with a wide range of .iso files including Windows installation .iso files and Linux distributions. Raw disk image files are supported, while the software can install a bootloader like GRUB if required to make the flash drive that is being used bootable.

  • Is There a Portable Version of Rufus?

    The portable version of the software makes it possible for users to carry and preserve their specific settings when they are moving from one computer to another. When the software is running in portable mode, users will find that their registry is modified.

  • Can I Create a VHD Drive for Use With Rufus?

    The software can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Virtual Hard Drives in both the VHD and VHDX variations. People who are using Windows 7 or later can create VHD drives very easily for a wide range of different types of applications.

  • Why Doesn’t Rufus Detect My USB Drive?

    Users who find that they experience an error when attempting to use their USB driver should check the List fixed or unpartitioned USB disks option that can be found in the advanced options panel or press Alt-F. it should be noted that non flash USB drives are not officially supported by the software.

  • Does Rufus Contain Malware?

    The programme is genuine and free from malware and viruses. However, people who want to take advantage of the software do so at their own risk as it is open source and available free of charge and anyone who believes they detect an issue should contact the creator of the software.

  • Does Rufus Create Registry Keys?

    The software creates registry keys during regular use in order to enable it to store certain types of information. One of the main functions of this is to make sure that users have installed the latest updates and keep the software running smoothly.

  • Does Rufus Support ISOs?

    There are a huge number of bootable ISOs around and although the software supports the most popular ones it is unable to support them all. However, most users are likely to find that the ISO they are utilising is fully supported.

  • Which Languages is Rufus Available In?

    The software is available in more than 30 different languages so that it can be used easily by people from all around the world. As well as all the most commonly spoken European languages, Asian languages such as Malay, Japanese, Korean and Indonesian are supported.